Within the 30 years of G-POWER's company history many things have been moved and even more have been created. So that today G-POWER is more than just a brand or a company.
G-POWER stands for power, passion and the unbreakable will to succeed. One-of-a-kind manufacturer vehicles, spectacular power output enhancements and various High-Speed world records bear undeniable witness of this attitude.

This philosophy can be found in each of products and service features. We do not promise exciting experiences, we guaranty them with our products!

G-POWER innovations have influenced the BMW scene for many years and quite a few have become worldwide trends. This is no coincidence, since G-POWER is one of the few automobile tuners worldwide that still employs its own engineering department. This department features next to eight completely equipped engineering workstations for our designing engineers a large hardware arsenal incl. rapid-prototyping systems and a 3D laser scanner for engineering according to the OEM standards of the automotive industry.

It is not without reason that Germany is well known around the world for its art of engineering and according to the universal law: “both on the large and small scale“ this applies for G-POWER as well in the field of BMW refinement. G-POWER’s roots have their origin in motorsports. Already in the early eighties G-POWER tuned BMW 02 models were competing for top position in their category. Today G-POWER is the only remaining brand in the premium tuning segment that is capable of offering D-I-Y performance systems that help private racing teams to achieve competitive output figures. So today G-POWER is more than ever your specialist for performance enhancement for your private motorsport project. Thereby we have focused on the BMW V8 high-revving engine, since BMW Motorsport offers a growing range of vehicles with this fantastic high-revving V8 to private racing teams.